Finding Dartmouth Theses and Gear Up!

All is quiet here in Kresge. I’ll be here for another 3 hours today. We were also open yesterday from 1-6pm. So far, today’s traffic has already exceeded yesterday’s. There has been quite some interest in obtaining past theses and dissertations. Theses (senior honors or masters) are located in the area between my office and Jane’s (by the windows, across from the current periodicals reading area). They have the green binding and are shelved by subject area and then last name. Dissertations (PhD) are given their own LC classification number and shelved with the other books in the stacks. To find all theses and dissertations by department in the online catalog, one trick is to use the department name in the author field. For example: Chemistry.

In other news, be sure to join us for Gear Up! The first of three locations for this event is Fairchild on Thursday, November 29!

I’m working on a list of “Great Books for Scientists” with assistance from Anne Esler (Feldberg) and Peggy Sleeth (Biomed). I’ll post a link once it’s ready. In the mean time, if you have a suggestion, send it along!


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