Reception & “Star Stuff” Challenge Winner

The EHSL Arts and Crafts Exhibit reception was held March 24, and the turnout was small but intimate. Some of my coworkers wanted to know how I made the stars so we had an impromptu hands-on workshop.

Some additional photos from the event, courtesy of Bryan Hull.

And I’m sad to report that there were no winners of the Star Stuff Challenge. Better luck next time! If you’re looking for a tutorial, this one is pretty good:


Happy Super Pi Day Tomorrow!

Come by Kresge Library to pick up a card! I handset this design and printed it at the Book Arts Workshop (with assistance from Sarah Smith and Lisa Ladd).

Pi DayWe are on extended hours this weekend, opening at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday! And I will be here with chocolate and research support if you need it!

Gear Up for Gear Up!

Save the date!

Click here to go to the website

Coming in January, for Dartmouth researchers in all disciplines… Gear Up!

Connect with the people at Dartmouth that support all stages of your research and scholarship.

Learn about services, solutions, and resources that can bring power to your research project.

Great refreshments, giveaways … earn a digital badge!

Three events, three locations to choose from:

  • Friday, January 16th, 3-5pm
    Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, Gallery
  • Wednesday, January 21st, 11:30am-1:30pm
    MacLean Engineering Sciences Center, GlycoFi Atrium
  • Thursday, January 22nd, 3-5pm [Special Focus on Digital Humanities]
    Arts & Humanities Resource Center, Bartlett Hall

Book Arts Halloween 2014

Pictures from today’s Book Arts event! Thanks for coming out and printing a poster! Hope you enjoyed the experience. We had over 25 people stop by and some people made extra for their friends and colleagues.

Huge thanks to Sarah Smith for designing the background, hand setting the type for the question, and setting up everything to make the event such a success! I hand set the pi symbol I designed on Wednesday afternoon for today’s printing. Can you spot my error?

I’m looking forward to our next Kresge x Book Arts event: Pi Day!

155 Digits of Pi

I’m going to work it into a poster in our Book Arts Workshop. Look out for a Halloween Book Arts event!

        3.14159265358979323              (4 spaces)
      84626433832795028841971            (2)
     69399375105820974944592             (1)
    307   816       406                  (3,7)
    2      86       208                  (6,7)
           99       862                  (7,7)
           80       348                  "
           25       342                  "
          117       067                  (6,7)
         9821       4808                 (5,7)
        65132       8230     6           (4,7,5)
        647093      8446095505           (4,6)
        822317      25359408             (4,6)
          128         4811               (6,9)
155 digits of pi in the shape of π, 14 lines, 26 characters wide
character occurrence
. 1
0 14
1 14
2 19
3 17
4 16
5 14
6 13
7 10
8 21
9 17

Kresge Library & Cook Collection Updates in Brief

Spring is coming…? Maybe? There is so much going on, but first let me wish you a happy…

Now onto the highlights:

Around the libraries:

Resource highlights:


  • Text and Data Mining DCAL lunch is April 21.
  • Your Future In Science” one-day workshop (Neukom) is April 26. Science librarians (myself included) will be on site with helpful information and library resources.
  • Annual Thesis Writers’ Bootcamp at Kresge is April 27. Special invitations forthcoming.
  • 23rd Annual Karen E. Wetterhahn Symposium is May 22. The poster prep session is May 8 –lead by myself and Dave Izzo (Biomedical Libraries).
  • Congrats to the winners of the Graduate Poster Session! We will frame each poster and hang them in Kresge’s Student Reseach Poster Gallery in June.