About Me

Professional Bio

Shirley Zhao is currently the Data Science Librarian at the University of Utah Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Interim Research Enterprise Coordinator at the MidContinental Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. She teaches workshops and courses on information/data literacy, data management, and reproducible research practices. She also consults on issues in scholarly communication, publishing, and research software/tools. Her interests include data science; reproducibility; open science; research impact; and science communication.

She was previously the Physical Sciences Librarian at Dartmouth College and holds a BA (mathematics major, chemistry minor) from Smith College, a MSLIS from Long Island University, and a MS (mathematics) from New York University. Originally from New York City, Shirley is a big fan of local cafes and seeks out new ones looking for the perfect balance of espresso/tea offerings and workspace ambiance. She and her husband enjoy playing board games, practicing yoga, and cooking up new recipes.

Visit Shirley’s website at https://shirl0207.wordpress.com/ and follow her on Twitter @zhao_shirley.

Curriculum Vitae

The latest version is on Overleaf, where there is an option to download it as a PDF.

Research Areas & Interests

Data Science data/information visualization, big data, data management, reproducibility
Research Impact bibliometrics, altmetrics, impact assessment
Scholarly Communication alternative publishing models, open access, open data, open science
Education educational technologies, teaching techniques & assessment, open education

Master’s Thesis

Two Proposals for a New Publishing and Reviewing System in Computer Science (PDF).

Recreational Interests and Hobbies

  • Folding origami, especially modular forms and stars
  • Cooking different cuisine and making desserts
  • Reading mysteries, science fiction, and popular science novels
  • Learning to play the ukulele
  • Light hiking and snowshoeing



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