Valentines & Origami Hearts

Join us in Kresge Library today and tomorrow to make your own valentines for that special someone! We provide some supplies but feel free to bring your own. Come fold origami hearts!


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Welcome Back and FAQs

Welcome back! We’ve been abuzz for the last week with orienting new students and faculty. As you dive into the new term, here are some frequently asked questions I get:

1. Where are you??

My main workspace is 309 Fairchild (in Kresge Library), but you will see me in a variety of locations throughout the week, including Baker-Berry, King Arthur Flour Café (KAF), Kemeny, and Sudikoff. This term, I am holding office hours in 223 Sudikoff on Tuesdays at 12-2pm. The best way to reach me is through email and depending on how busy I am, it may take anywhere between 5 minutes to a couple of hours to respond (during normal business hours).

2. How can you help me with research or scholarly communications?

Some examples of how I can help you:

  • Find relevant articles or books for a literature review
  • Explore citation/PDF management software that works best for you
  • Work with LaTeX formatting
  • Figure out the ins and outs of copyright and fair use
  • Fine tune presentations or posters

3. When are you doing the next LaTeX-themed workshop?

Tentatively, save the date: Thursday, October 30 at noon in Kresge Library Conference room. It will be on formatting your CV or resume. If you need help getting started, please see my previous blog post here.

4. What other events should I know about?

  • Sept 16-20 – National Postdoc Appreciation Week; reception in DCAL on Sept 18 @5pm
  • Sept 19 @1-2:30 – Celebrate Kresge’s 40th Birthday! The cake is not a lie.
  • Sept 19-25 – Telluride Film Festival
  • Oct 6-7 – The Digital Crucible: Arts & Humanities & Computation
  • Oct 20-26 – International Open Access Week

5. What if my question isn’t answered here?

Welcome Back to Another Year!

Beaver Pond, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Welcome back! The past couple of weeks were abuzz with excitement as we welcomed the Class of 2018, new graduate students, and new faculty to campus. Kresge is as quiet as ever (great for studying!) so come on over to the third floor of Fairchild.

Our Fall hours (also posted on the entrances) are as follows:

  • Monday – Thursday 8am – 1am
  • Friday 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 10pm
  • Sunday 11am – 1am

If you are looking for course reserves or need to borrow a laptop charger, please inquire at the front desk. We even carry molecular model kits, protractors, calculators, and headphones!

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Celebrating 40 Years of Kresge Library

Come join us at Kresge Library as we celebrate 40 years! Save the date:

Friday, September 19 at 1-2:30pm.

Join us for cake & refreshments, and enjoy our display of photos from Kresge’s past (including some familiar faces and photos from the stacks ‘flood’ in the summer of ’83).

Kresge40_whitePosterThis poster was printed by Sarah Smith (Book Arts Program).

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On Supporting Science and Scholarly Communications


Click photo for an enlarged version of the poster

Last week, I presented a poster at the annual Special Libraries Association conference. The theme of the conference was Beyond Borders so the poster was titled “Beyond Information Literacy: Supporting Science & Scholarly Communications.” Click here to get the PDF or email me if you’d like the source file (SVG).

Abstract: ACRL defines information literacy as the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information [1]. While librarians have embraced their roles as educators, many have not gone beyond teaching these skills in courses, workshops, and individual consultations. In the sciences especially, information is easily available through well established digital infrastructures (e.g. repositories) and new publishing models (e.g. open access). Because science students learn how to analyze and use that information through coursework and departmental advising, librarians must find other ways to support them. The librarians at Dartmouth College have begun focusing on helping students develop communication skills and greater awareness of how scientists disseminate their work. This poster will highlight some innovative ways to support scholarly communications and to teach science students how to effectively communicate the knowledge they have acquired. Areas of focus include organizing references, learning and using LaTeX, designing and presenting a research poster, crafting a science elevator pitch, exploring publishing options, and measuring the impact of different work.

[1] Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Association of College & Research Libraries, 2000;

I analyzed the types of private consultations we received at Kresge and the types of outreach programs we hosted or participated in. The data shows that consultations about scientific communication have generally increased, both as a percentage of total consultations and in absolute number. An increased number of outreach programs in the previous semester appear to result in an increased number of consultations and interest in scholarly communication. In other words, there’s value in supporting science and scholarly communications and the library can and should support these needs.

There were a lot of follow-up questions and general interest in the LaTeX-related programs. I had presented specifically on teaching and supporting LaTeX at the Mathematics Roundtable session the day before. People seemed excited to try supporting it at their own institutions.

For further thoughts, read my other blog entry and come by Kresge to see the poster!

Addendum: see some of the other posters from the All-Science Poster Session here.

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Lora Leligdon Joins Kresge Library

Wondering who’s the new face in Kresge?  It’s Lora Leligdon, who began work in Kresge on Monday as Physical Sciences Librarian with liaison responsibility to the Physics and Astronomy department.

Lora joins us from the University of New Mexico Library in Albuquerque, where she was the Engineering Research Librarian since early 2012.  Before moving to New Mexico, she worked as a Reference Librarian at Washington State University in Vancouver.  She has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State, as well as an M.S.L.S from Emporia State University.  Before going into librarianship, Lora worked for several years for engineering firms in Portland, Oregon and in Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago.  Lora brings experience and insight into the characteristics and research needs of scientists and engineers, and has particular interests in information literacy in the workplace, communication and relationship building with faculty, and data management.

We’re very excited to have her join our staff. Please stop by and say hi to her on your way through Kresge!

P.S. I am now the official subject librarian and liaison to Mathematics and Computer Science. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Add to our Graffiti Wall!

graffiti_wallGraduating? Got some advice to pass along? Kresge Library has a wall and some colorful sharpies for you to share it on!  Stop by and post your best tips (about research, science, or life in general!) for other science majors and Kresge regulars. Feel free to get creative! If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on what to add, read last year’s messages!

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