DCLSA 2013 Holiday Party

Holidaypartyinvite2013The annual DCLSA Holiday Party was another great opportunity to chat with colleagues I don’t usually see. There was even a digital fireplace set up since we couldn’t use the real one. The food was good and I had some interesting conversations with folks from Feldberg and DLTG.

Here’s a photo from the event (posted on DCLSA’s FB page); I’m chatting with Karen here:


Craft Fair Report

Report from the Craft Fair event! But first, a few pictures from the process:

camera doesn't do it justice, but it's really shiny
camera doesn’t do it justice, but it’s really shiny
here's one tube
here’s one tube

set up on table
set up on table
labels with my initials
labels with my initials

Library Bake Table
Library Bake Table

Several people have asked about how long it takes to make one star. Answer: 1-2 minutes depending on what I’m watching at the moment. I usually have something on Netflix or DramaFever running. So one complete tube takes about 15-20 minutes to put together. I made 101 for this fair, with the intention of selling 100 and saving one for my first sale. Special thanks to my sister for helping with the graphics design for the table sign.

I think I priced it pretty fairly, taking into account the cost of materials plus paying myself minimum wage for labor and accounting for a slight profit and for the DCLSA cut (which benefits staff development). I spent some time volunteering at the table as well so by the time I left, I had sold 27 tubes of lucky stars! There was still another hour of the fair left so I don’t know if any more sales were made. I don’t know if 27% sold is high or low, but it’s not bad for my first time!

I’ve even gotten suggestions to expand. Karen suggested Christmas tree ornaments filled with stars. And Arjun is going to help manage this budding business. Haha, he thinks we should take this online. I’m not sure I can keep up with production if it takes off. I might have to quit my day job! I’ve got a similar idea for Mira’s jewelry business, but that one will take me some time to find the right size paper.

Anyway, I’ll update this post with the final sales report on Monday.


The numbers are in! They didn’t sell any more in the last hour so it is still 27 tubes (8 sets and 3 singles) at the fair. I sold 3 more sets privately afterwards, bringing the grand total to 36!

If you missed the fair and would still like to purchase or just look at them, contact me! I’ll have them in my office for the next month.

DCLSA 22nd Annual Craft Fair

craftfairNow in its 22nd year, the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association (DCLSA) Craft Fair brings together talented area crafters and library staff for a fun event which funds the library’s popular staff scholarship program. No admission fees!

[notice]Friday, November 22, 2013 @ 11:00am-5:00pm
Alumni Hall/Top of the Hop, Hopkins Center for the Arts[/notice]

I will be volunteering at the Library’s Bake Table from 11-noon and 3-4pm and selling my lucky star tubes there! Come by and pick one up for extra luck!

rainbow of lucky stars!

DCLSA Annual Craft Fair

earrings I bought from Aquarius Girl Jewelry

Today I went to the Annual Craft Fair that is organized by the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association (DCLSA). It was located at the Top of the Hop and Alumni Hall. There were some amazing crafts: pottery, jewelry, knits, ornaments, cards, paintings, and an extremely popular bake table — I only managed to snag a chocolate fudge on my way out. It was a lot of fun wandering around and checking out the various vendors. I came across one that featured a lot of earrings and I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple pairs (see photo above). I’m gifting the pair on the right to my mother but don’t tell her (shhh!). There was also a pair of dragon earrings that I really liked and some really cute holiday themed jewelry (like angels and christmas tress).