Happy Super Pi Day Tomorrow!

Come by Kresge Library to pick up a card! I handset this design and printed it at the Book Arts Workshop (with assistance from Sarah Smith and Lisa Ladd).

Pi DayWe are on extended hours this weekend, opening at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday! And I will be here with chocolate and research support if you need it!


Book Arts Halloween 2014

Pictures from today’s Book Arts event! Thanks for coming out and printing a poster! Hope you enjoyed the experience. We had over 25 people stop by and some people made extra for their friends and colleagues.

Huge thanks to Sarah Smith for designing the background, hand setting the type for the question, and setting up everything to make the event such a success! I hand set the pi symbol I designed on Wednesday afternoon for today’s printing. Can you spot my error?

I’m looking forward to our next Kresge x Book Arts event: Pi Day!

155 Digits of Pi

I’m going to work it into a poster in our Book Arts Workshop. Look out for a Halloween Book Arts event!

        3.14159265358979323              (4 spaces)
      84626433832795028841971            (2)
     69399375105820974944592             (1)
    307   816       406                  (3,7)
    2      86       208                  (6,7)
           99       862                  (7,7)
           80       348                  "
           25       342                  "
          117       067                  (6,7)
         9821       4808                 (5,7)
        65132       8230     6           (4,7,5)
        647093      8446095505           (4,6)
        822317      25359408             (4,6)
          128         4811               (6,9)
155 digits of pi in the shape of π, 14 lines, 26 characters wide
character occurrence
. 1
0 14
1 14
2 19
3 17
4 16
5 14
6 13
7 10
8 21
9 17

Geeky Valentine Cards

originally posted on the DCL Facebook page

Thanks to Sarah Smith, who was such a good sport about putting together the heart-shaped one (the back left card) at the last minute. I had set the letters right to left the first time and she fixed it in no time.

The original sketch for the front card looked like this:

V-DayCardIdeaShe took the idea and made it so awesome! We saw about 12 people come through the workshop and print off a bunch of cards. We hope more people will be interested in participating in the Book Arts program and print some more cards!

And we’re looking for ideas for the next science-themed letterpress workshop!