GABiomed Last Session and Overall Thoughts

So exciting! I finally got to see Dr. Patti Brennan speak up close! In the words of Dr. Mike Ackerman…

Plus, I even got to deliver my elevator pitch on reproducibility! I probably talked too fast in my excitement over the course I taught this summer…

Dr. Brennan’s talk was inspirational and engaging. Definitely watch these NLM videos — they’re short and very well done. She used the ARS/clicker questions to poll the group for our thoughts on where NLM should spend its budget and where it should place its priorities. We had great discussions and I really felt like she was listening to our input. In short…

Anyway, you can read the rest of the live-tweets by clicking on any of the above tweets or searching for #GABiomed to catch up on what happened the whole week. My previous posts (days 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) also contain some after-session thoughts.

But the real question is, did it meet my professional development goals?

In my application I had written that my goal for this program was to learn effective practices and be able to teach others how to utilize the current tools and resources in biomedical informatics, clinical informatics, big data, and genomics research. My hope was to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to partner with researchers and win grants for projects where the library can plan an active role in building applications for informatics and data support.

This course not only helped me fulfill my goals, but it also broadened my mind in so many other ways. Overall this was a fantastic program that brought together subject experts (including patients!), information professionals, physicians, and researchers to learn from each other. It was intense, immersive, and inspirational. Now I have to work on cultivating partnerships with researchers!

Our class photo (missing some speakers who left before it was taken)

NLM GA BMI Course Fall 2017 Class Photo
NLM Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course Fall 2017 Class; Photo by Dr. Judy Ackerman

(Look who’s standing behind me!)

Would I recommend taking this course to others?

Without hesitation, I would’ve recommended this course to anyone interested in biomedical and health informatics, but alas, the course is now on hiatus and will be restructured. Read the announcement here. I look forward to the next iteration! Perhaps it’ll have components like DSVIL (i.e. hands-on with software)?


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