GABiomed Day 5

The last full day of sessions contained great topics and served as entryways to keep learning more.

Session #1: Controlled Vocabularies and Semantic Standards –Olivier Bodenreider, MD, PhD

  • A great introduction to some core controlled vocabularies and ontologies in use today. Great emphasis on caution with adopting one without knowing its limitations.
  • The hands-on exercises depended heavily on websites to work; unfortunately we had too many people trying to access the same pages at once and not enough bandwidth.
  • We all signed up for a UMLS license but we didn’t do anything with it. Spoke with him later and he thought a workshop session was going to cover it. Oh well.

Session #2: EHRs, APIs, and Apps –Jeremy Warner, MD

  • ALL. THE. THINGS. Plus, fascinating look at the history of medical records and how we got to where we are today.
  • Would’ve liked to learn more about API programming.

Session #3: Natural Language Processing Support for Clinical Tasks –Dina Demner-Fushman, MD, PhD

  • Nice introduction to natural language processing.
  • Wish the hands-on portion was better explained and we actually were able to go in and do some annotation.

Session #4: Organizational Issues in Biomedical Informatics –Kim Unertl, PhD

  • Another amazingly engaging speaker! We had lots of thought-provoking discussions.
  • Organizational issues is a topic we hardly ever talk about and really impacts the way we work so I’m glad it was on the program.

And then evening adventures…

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#GABiomed Friday night dinner and a movie

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We had a fun “hayride” to a fancy barn for a sit-down meal. Afterwards a smaller group of us went to the Rollins Planetarium at Young Harris College. We saw “Back to the Moon for Good” which was narrated by Tim Allen. Somehow I missed that there exists prize money for going to the moon through the Google  Lunar XPRIZE.

Side note: I broke down and had cheesecake at lunch AND chocolate lava cake at dinner. They were really good! 😅


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