GABiomed Day 3

Today we got the afternoon off to rejuvenate and refresh our bodies so our minds can be ready for the rest of the week. My body felt so much better after yoga and after lunch, I went on a group hike with Kathleen Carlson, Maribeth Slebodnik, and Clare Hicks. It was a lot of fun, especially with Maribeth pointing out all the cool plants (and all the poison ivy!) on the trail.

Session #1: Consumer Health Informatics –Rebecca Schnall, PhD, RN

  • First I have to say, I really appreciate and admire Professor Schnall’s dedication to us and her work. She flew in late last night (arrived about 2AM) and flew right back this afternoon.
  • She gave us a researcher’s perspective of working with people living with a chronic disease.
  • We discussed challenges of building a user-friendly application, evaluating consumer health websites, and tailored messaging.

Session #2: mHealth Technology –Rebecca Schnall, PhD, RN

  • This second part built upon the first but it was a great example of science communication. She gave a very accessible research talk about her current projects –in particular VIP-HANA.
  • The group exercise to consider the needs of different stakeholders in app development was enlightening.
  • Too bad we didn’t have time to talk much about how body sensors fit into this landscape of apps and data collection.

Session #3: Ethical Issues Related to Research, Evaluation, Publication, and Implementation in Biomedical Informatics –Randolph Miller, MD

  • One of the best sessions I’ve attended about ethics. It was entertaining and engaging.
  • The scenarios were thought-provoking and generated a lot of discussion.

Side note: I only had cheesecake at dinner!


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