GABiomed Day 2

Another exciting day of hot topics in biomedical informatics! Lots of great conversations during breaks and meals as well. Click on the tweet to get the threaded view of a session.

Session #1: Genetics, Genomics, and Why We Care –Donald Lindberg, MD

  • Great review of genetics. Reminds me of my college days but the field has grown so fast.
  • It was fun to listen to Dr. Lindberg’s personal stories about major figures in history.
  • Recommended reading: The Double Helix (edit: the Watson one –thanks to Kim Yang for pointing out there are books with same title)

Session #2: Precision Medicine from an Informatics Perspective –Elmer Bernstam, MD

  • I’ve heard similar talks about precision medicine so the first part wasn’t anything new to me
  • Raised questions about issues around patient consent, profiling, cost of testing.
  • We need more interoperability between systems!
  • EHR alerts alone can be a whole other talk. Lots of great post-talk discussion about this.

Session #3: NLM Resources –Kathy Davies, MLS

  • Wow, what a lot of NLM resources I didn’t know about 😳

Session #4: Practical Bioinformatics for the Clinic –Eric Sayers, PhD

  • I’m now a convert of starting with MedGen as a landing page for exploration into the literature, clinical aspects, and genetic aspects.
  • The case study we looked at was really interesting. See this website for their story.

Session #5: Exercises in Knowledge Retrieval –Kathy Davies, MLS and Eric Sayers, PhD

  • I teamed up with Elena Azadbakht to work on case studies, which allowed us to dive deeper into exploring resources presented in Sessions #3 and 4.

Side note: today I was much better about my coffee and sugar consumption during breaks, and took a long walk around the resort before dinner. Next I have to work on choosing which meal to have dessert with! They serve pies and/or puddings during both lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the only time we get fruit!


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