Library Carpentry Instructor Training

Last month I attended the Portland Library Carpentry Instructor Training, co-taught by Belinda Weaver and Tim Dennis, with helpers John Chodacki and Juliane Schneider. This was the first “Train the Trainer” session for librarians, covering some basics of educational psychology and instructional design, and is the first step to getting certified as a Software Carpentry AND Data Carpentry instructor. Thanks to csv,conf,v3 and the California Digital Library for sponsoring this program!

Tweets can be found under the hashtag #porttt. You can also read Juliane’s recap of this and related events. We had a lot of fun learning and getting to know each other. Personally, much of it felt like a condensed review of ACRL’s Immersion Program – Teacher Track. Hilariously, I sat next to Shari Laster, who also was in that same program 4 years ago with me!

Since I flew in early on Day 1 of the training and out late after Day 2, I wasn’t expecting to do much exploring around Portland. But lucky for me, Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati and I got into some great discussions over post-Day 1 drinks and decided to continue chatting over dinner. We ended up walking all over town, ate at a decent sushi place (where I had ramen, which was only ok), and then capped off the night with ice cream at Ruby Jewel.

Adventures in #portland; day 1 of 2. #porttt #latergram

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Brian Avery was the only other participant from Salt Lake City, and he’s a professor at Westminster. We got a chance to talk on our way to the airport, and I learned about some really cool initiatives that he’s working on, especially with respect to teaching reproducibility to undergrads. I’m hoping he’ll give a talk about it sometime during this upcoming academic year at one of the programs that I’m working on here at Eccles Library (more on that in another post later).

Library Carpentry lessons are created and improved upon by volunteers so Mozilla Global Sprint was the perfect event to organize people for further development. Belinda spearheaded the Library Carpentry Sprint, which happened on June 1-2. Check out the Gitter channel where we communicate. Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed with my regular work duties that I didn’t get a chance to do any actual work on it! Betty Rozum at USU invited me to join their local meetup and I was able to via Google Hangouts for a short time, which was a lot of fun. When I finally have some free time, I’m planning to go back and figure out how I can build on where others have left off.

I have a few more steps to complete before I’m officially a certified instructor, but I already feel like I’m part of the community and am eager to start teaching some of the lessons under the banner! Also, I want to build on this project in particular: Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks. But that’s a topic for a whole other post…


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