Star Stuff

Rainbow in a JarI am super excited to be part of the Eccles Health Sciences Library Artists and Crafters Exhibit (March 8 – April 7). Come by to see my origami pieces on display during the Library’s open hours!

Star Stuff
by S.A.Z.
I discovered the craft of origami while in elementary school. My class was reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and learning how to fold our own paper cranes. Over the years I’ve picked up a number of origami books and expanded my repertoire to include flowers, hearts, inanimate objects, and other animals. Nowadays I’ve settled on folding paper stars and looking for creative ways to display them. For this particular arrangement, there are two distinct pieces: “Lucky Stars” (the test tubes) and “Rainbow in a Jar” (see photo). If you are interested in purchasing a tube of stars, please email me.

Challenge: the first person to correctly guess the exact number of stars inside “Rainbow in a Jar” will win a tube of “Lucky Stars.” One guess per person; details and submission form are here. Please read rules carefully before entering. Good luck!


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