Highlighted Tools for Advanced Searching

This post is long overdue. In May at MLA 2016, I attended a CE course on Advanced Searching Techniques and Advanced Strategy Design with Julie Glanville and Carol Lefebvre. About half of the material they presented was completely new to me, and one of the most useful sections they covered was on tools that help with building a search strategy. During the conference, they each presented at a Sunrise Seminar and highlighted some more tools.

In no particular order, check these out for identifying subject headings, keywords, top authors, top publications, and other text mining capabilities…

In addition, they noted that EndNote can be used to create a “reference list” of MeSH or EmTree term frequency. I haven’t tried this yet, but sounds promising if you can figure out how to get the MeSH and EmTree terms imported into the EndNote library.

Other mentioned resources of interest:

For more on the CE course, see my storify: https://storify.com/shirl0207/mla-2016-ce300-w.

For more on discussions around systematic reviews from MLA 2016, see https://storify.com/shirl0207/mlanet16#a36837.


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