Small Tip on Sound in Windows 7

I’m using Windows 7 for work and discovered today that there now exists the capability to have sound from both the built-in speakers and through headphones, with sound streams from different applications. So I was listening to my webinar (on adobe connect/flash) through the speakers and a youtube video (on firefox) through my headphones. Unfortunately, the video did not solve my problem of trying to get the webinar to play through the headphones –it has nothing to do with mixers, but everything to do with moving one application to a different sound output.

However, after some poking around in the Control Panel, I found the setting to turn the multi streaming off and temporarily solve the issue.

  1. Open Realtek HD Audio Manager
  2. Click on “Device advanced settings” in the top right corner.
  3. Choose “Classic mode” and voila!

I still have not figured out how to move applications between sound outputs, but that’s for another day…

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