New LaTeX Guide for the Health Sciences

It has been a while since I’ve blogged anything. Let’s start small and introduce my latest project: LaTeX for the Health Sciences!

But first, a small step back — I just started work as a Research Associate at the Eccles Health Sciences Library in the University of Utah [Health Care] on Sept 3. Projects are abundant and the work is meaningful so I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this dynamic landscape. [Backstory: In July, I resigned my position at Dartmouth and moved to Salt Lake City for a new life with my husband.]

One of major reasons I was hired is to provide LaTeX support. I have experience developing and teaching workshops on LaTeX, and the general sense is that there is an unfulfilled need here, perhaps with bioinformatics.

I’ve developed a general plan:

  1. Build a resource guide [done]
  2. Promote the guide [ongoing]
    1. On social media
    2. To groups that may use it
  3. Update guide as needed [ongoing]
  4. Figure out who in health sciences needs support [next step]
  5. Develop systematic approach to teaching LaTeX

I have materials from my previous workshops but everything needs to be tailored to a particular group in order for it to be meaningful and useful. One of the most useful documents I have found so far is Tomás Aragón’s Practical LaTeX for Public Health and Medicine. It’s given me some good insights about which groups may be interested in having this support.

For now, if you know anyone looking for LaTeX help, send them my way!


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