Recap of SHARE, CHORUS, and OA Webinar

Today, ACRL and SAGE presented a webinar on SHARE, CHORUS, and OA. Some key points:

  • OSTP mandate in Feb 2013.
  • DOE public access plan released July 2014. Access is provided through PAGES portal: (1) link through CHORUS; or (2) author deposits accepted manuscript in institutional repository (IR) no later than 12 months after publication.
  • SHARE: idea is to connect IRs.
    • Challenges: preservation of, access to, and reuse of research outputs. Workflow, infrastructure, policy.
    • SHARE Components: notification service, registry (inventory), discovery, mining & reuse
    • Supported by IMLS and Sloan and partnered with Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, VA
    • GitHub
    • Tweet @SHARE_Research
  • CHORUS: identification, discovery, access, preservation, compliance
    • largely non-profit, over 100 signatories, publishers funded
    • CHOR incorporated Oct 1, 2013: 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity
    • DOE partnered Aug 4, 2014
    • Exploring international
    • Leveraging existing infrastructures: crossref, fundref, ORCID, Portical, CLOCKSS
    • Collaborate with SHARE
    • Tweet @chorusaccess
  • Q&A
    • alignment of interests between the two. able to better identify research activity. adopting metadata standards like ORCID and fundref.
    • publishers know very little about what happens outside of publication realm.
    • CHORUS does not display articles — only points to them. Publishers make the articles available –one version of record.
    • What about data requirements? CHORUS framework is built around DOI so it can be used for data.
    • Both SHARE and CHORUS contain metadata pointers –not another repository.
    • SHARE probably will have more data than CHORUS because it has a more expansive view of research.
    • ORCID makes everything that much easier to track.

Recording of the webinar should be made available soon.

11/12/14 edit: The recording, slides, and questions can be found here.

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