Access & Borrowing Privileges at Partner Libraries

We are making it even easier for you to get access to research resources at our partner libraries!

Dartmouth-affiliated faculty, students, and staff can now enjoy on-site access and on-site borrowing privileges at other BorrowDirect institutions and some Ivies Plus institutions! Access information and borrowing policy details are maintained by each institution’s library and may vary from one institution to another. New accounts must be created at the location and within the hours set by each institution.

In addition, Dartmouth participates in SHARES, which is a collaborative effort of OCLC’s Research Library Partnership group. Dartmouth-affiliated faculty, students, and staff have on-site access at over 100 research and museum libraries around the world. This partnership also streamlines our DartDoc services.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Dartmouth is now part of the eduroam community! eduroam provides a way for you to be WiFi authenticated at another institution without having to go through any local guest setup. Once authenticated you are on that institution’s network with access to their internet and library’s resources, although you would still have to use the same remote methods to access any Dartmouth-specific services and resources.

I tested this on my iPad when I was at the University of Toronto on Monday. It works!

[notice]Helpful hint from one of our technology specialists: Connect to eduroam here at Dartmouth using “<your netid>” and your netid password before you go to another participating institution. In this way, you can save it in your list of networks and set it to automatically connect when in range. Also, if you have any connection difficulties, you can resolve them here, before your trip.[/notice]

If you are not at any of our partner institutions, you can always rely on WebGateway or the Juniper VPN for general off-campus access to the Library’s resources. Let me know if you have any questions!

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