Welcome Back and FAQs

Welcome back! We’ve been abuzz for the last week with orienting new students and faculty. As you dive into the new term, here are some frequently asked questions I get:

1. Where are you??

My main workspace is 309 Fairchild (in Kresge Library), but you will see me in a variety of locations throughout the week, including Baker-Berry, King Arthur Flour Café (KAF), Kemeny, and Sudikoff. This term, I am holding office hours in 223 Sudikoff on Tuesdays at 12-2pm. The best way to reach me is through email and depending on how busy I am, it may take anywhere between 5 minutes to a couple of hours to respond (during normal business hours).

2. How can you help me with research or scholarly communications?

Some examples of how I can help you:

  • Find relevant articles or books for a literature review
  • Explore citation/PDF management software that works best for you
  • Work with LaTeX formatting
  • Figure out the ins and outs of copyright and fair use
  • Fine tune presentations or posters

3. When are you doing the next LaTeX-themed workshop?

Tentatively, save the date: Thursday, October 30 at noon in Kresge Library Conference room. It will be on formatting your CV or resume. If you need help getting started, please see my previous blog post here.

4. What other events should I know about?

  • Sept 16-20 – National Postdoc Appreciation Week; reception in DCAL on Sept 18 @5pm
  • Sept 19 @1-2:30 – Celebrate Kresge’s 40th Birthday! The cake is not a lie.
  • Sept 19-25 – Telluride Film Festival
  • Oct 6-7 – The Digital Crucible: Arts & Humanities & Computation
  • Oct 20-26 – International Open Access Week

5. What if my question isn’t answered here?


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