SLA 2014 All-Sciences Poster Session

Click photo for an enlarged version of the poster

Here I am with my poster! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me put this together, especially Arjun who helped with data analysis and poster design. I tried really hard to make this poster work in LaTeX, but ultimately created it in Inkscape. I have the SVG file if anyone would like to reuse it. Now I can say I can support Inkscape, too! And a quick thanks to Martha Roseberry who helped me hang the poster up, and to Bill Jacobs who took this photograph.

NOTE: the private consultation data shown in the chart under “Spring 2014” is incomplete as it does not include June 2014. Poster abstract is in this post.

I had a fantastic time talking to people. The session was supposed to be for 1.5 hours but I didn’t end up leaving till about 20 minutes past. I gave away 43 letter sized versions of my poster and gathered some great feedback for the paper I’m going to write up. Tony Stankus (editor-in-chief of Science & Technology Libraries) has encouraged me to submit it as soon as possible.

The downside to presenting a poster is that I didn’t get a chance to go see the other posters in the room. I hope the organizers will gather all the PDFs and put them on the web soon.

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