SLA 2014 Schedule


Just spent some time figuring out which sessions I’d like to attend at SLA this year.
I’m speaking at the following:

  1. PAM Mathematics Roundtable –6/8 @1:30pm
    Speaking on teaching and supporting LaTeX.
  2. All-Sciences Poster Session –6/9 @5:30pm
    See my poster abstract from an earlier post.
  3. PAM Physics Roundtable –6/10 @2pm
    Reporting on altmetrics

And like last year, I expect there will be a social gathering for New England Chapter members and networking in the PAM suite in between! Looking forward to it all!

Edited 6/1/2014:

The New England Chapter social will be Sunday, June 8 at 6pm in Steamworks Brewpub.

The updated PAM schedule is here. For PAM members, we’re almost done editing the dance card!


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