Check out this new web app! It’s called AstroTRENDS, created by Stefano Meschiari. Here’s an excerpt from his blog about the motivation behind it:

AstroTRENDS shows how popular specific astronomic topics are in the literature throughout the years. For instance, you could track the popularity of Dark Energy vs. Dark Matter; or the rise of exoplanetary-themed papers since the discovery of the first exoplanets in 1992. As an example, check out this post I wrote about whether the astronomical community has settled on the “extrasolar planet” or “exoplanet” monicker.

You can normalize keywords with respect to one another, or the total article count, to track relative trends in popularity (say, the growth of “Transits” papers compared to “Radial Velocity” papers). Finally, you can click on a specific point to see all the papers containing the keyword from that year (maybe that spike in a keyword is connected to a discovery, a new theory or the launch of a satellite?).

Read more about it here!

What do you think of this keyword comparison between AGN, Dark Energy, and Inflation?

Special thanks to Chris Erdmann at Harvard CfA for sharing!

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