Updated CV

Finally! I finished updating my CV! Took me about a day to add 6 more months’ worth of material. Annual reviews are coming up and it’s that time of year again to get all my documents together. In the process, I realized just how much I’ve done over 2013. Some major milestones:

  • began supporting 2 additional academic departments (math and CS) and the Neukom Institute, which includes collection development and management, outreach, instructional support, and research/reference consultations.
  • worked with 14 courses –an increase of 233% (I worked with 6 in 2012). Plus, I already have 11 courses for 2014.
  • began holding LaTeX workshops once a term. Now in 2014, I’m teaching students how to get started using LaTeX in addition to literature searching, and I also started a new LaTeX Users Group on campus.
  • created the Kresge Library Quarterly Newsletter.
  • was a member of 5 working groups/committees.
  • helped start the Kresge Library Advisory Board (of grad students).
  • co-founded the Current Awareness Reading Group.
  • participated in several library outreach events, including Gear Up, Open Access Week, and Annual Open House.
  • helped organize professional development opportunities for staff, including E&O’s first unconference, E&O’s 10th anniversary celebration, and fair use workshops.
  • completed the Teacher Track Immersion Program (intense 4.5 day program).
  • presented on a panel for the PAM Physics Roundtable at SLA’13.
  • elected as SLA New England Chapter’s Director of Communications for 2 years.
  • appointed co-editor of SLA PAM’s Practices Manual.

And it’s already pretty busy now and it’s just the start of 2014!


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