Research Gate

ResearchGate_LogoAt today’s Gear Up event, Barbara asked me about Research Gate. I had known of its existence but had not explored it much further than the front page. So after I got back to my office, I signed up for an account (click here for my profile) and spent some time exploring its features. I was surprised to see a number of scholars from Dartmouth on the site. Imagine a cross between Mendeley, Google+, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow and then throw in altmetrics and a job board. There’s even an option to link to Facebook. Some quick notes:

  • It immediately starts with trying to link you to your publications –problem is I don’t have any in an academic journal, but it wants me to decide on 58 publications in their database that have my name or initials.
  • The Library isn’t listed as a department. I suppose we don’t necessarily produce academic papers, though some of us do.
  • You can even add another name if you’ve published under another.
  • It generally asks for very minimal information to put on your profile.
  • You can upload papers (like Mendeley).
  • You can follow other people (like Google+).
  • You can export your profile as a CV (like LinkedIn).
  • There’s an area for asking and answering questions (like StackOverflow).
  • In addition, it has a job board if you’re on the market for a career change.
  • There is something called an “RG score” which is a metric to measure your research impact. There’s even an institutional RG score, which is a collective score of all the members of that institution.
  • Dartmouth College’s institutional profile has a URL that belongs to Geisel. Geisel is known as the Dartmouth Medical School, so they haven’t updated it since the naming. It seems odd that Geisel is a separate institution while Thayer is considered a department. DHMC has its own page as well.

In other words, Research Gate fills another niche for researchers/scholars. The largest departments/schools on it currently are Geisel, DHMC, Thayer, Biology and PBS. Most other departments also have some representation.

Well, except for the Library… I may be the only librarian from Dartmouth on there! Note to self, better start publishing…

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