Winter Tires Changeover

my car with the wheels off!

It snowed this weekend! And my winter tires had arrived a week and half ago so I figured now is probably a good time to get them on. I called and emailed a bunch of places to check their prices. I finally settled on Tire Warehouse in W. Leb. but apparently they didn’t have appointments earlier than Wednesday at 2pm so I did a “walk-in” this morning and scheduled myself for later in the afternoon.

The whole changeover took about 25 minutes –super fast. Cost me a total of $56 (with a 20% coupon from those weekly ads). I also asked for a wheel alignment and they did a free check first, which worked out great. The car probably had not been aligned since manufacturing cause it needs a new part called an adjustable track arm. I’m not even sure what that is or if it’s really necessary so will need to do some research into this. For the record, I was quoted $60 for the part and $59.99 for the whole alignment. It’s not terribly out of alignment so I can get that done in the spring with the next tire changeover.

The drive home was so smooth. The roads were wet and it was snowing lightly. The steering was even more responsive than usual. Who knew tires made such a difference?

Also, note to self, get lug nuts tightened when I get back from Thanksgiving next week.

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