Friday Fun Feature: Numberphile

I couldn’t resist sharing this discovery with you: Numberphile! There are over a hundred videos featuring numbers!

screenshot of the website

screenshot of the website

Review from the Scout Report (volume 19, number 44):
Are you a numberphile? Maybe you are and you don’t know it yet. If you have any interest in topology, geometry, algebra, or other facets of math, this website may be right up your alley. Created by Brady Haran, the site contains hundreds of entertaining videos, including titles like “Unboxing Calculators,” “Politics and Numbers,” and the very engaging “Pi and the Size of the Universe.” Visitors can search the entire collection as they see fit, read comments by other users and also even view topical themes, such as Prime Numbers and Yahtzee. Additionally, there is a Discussion area where visitors can engage in dialogue with other scholars and folks with an interest in mathematics education.

Yesterday, I attended the Math Department’s colloquium, featuring a talk by Yitang “Tom” Zhang (UNH) titled “Bounded gaps between primes.” Zhang has been all over the news for making a breakthrough in a centuries old problem (the twin prime conjecture).

  • Read the press release from the University of New Hampshire.
  • The paper will be published in the Annals of Mathematics. You can read a version of it here now.
  • And Numberphile has a video explaining the significance of this result!

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