Free Books at Kresge!

Yesterday, I sent out a couple of emails about the project we are working on in Kresge. We are clearing out older, superseded editions of books to make way for current editions, and removing select duplicate copies of books from the collection.

Books that have been withdrawn from Kresge’s collection will be shipped to Better World Books, an organization that sells used books to libraries, dealers, and individuals. A portion of the proceeds returns to the Dartmouth Library and is used to purchase new books; another portion goes to a foundation that promotes literacy. Material that does not meet Better World Books’ guidelines for acceptance is recycled at Dartmouth.

[important]Before sending each shipment of withdrawn books to Better World Books, we will make them available on book trucks outside Kresge Library (on the 3rd floor of Fairchild Tower, across from the elevator) for Dartmouth students, faculty and staff to take for their personal collection on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee you’ll get what you want, but know that we have the latest editions in Kresge for borrowing! For your convenience, a list of titles that have been withdrawn will be posted on this page each week, with the date by which each group of unclaimed titles will be shipped out or recycled. [/important]

This first set will be removed next Friday and each week we will add more trucks until we complete the project. Because there have been several requests, I will send emails to the Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics, and Computer Science Departments when a new truck is added. I’ve gone through the QA’s (math in Kresge only; does not include Cook) and half the QB’s (astronomy/astrophysics). More QB’s to come next week! For those of you interested in Earth Sciences and Chemistry, please check with Jane Quigley.

Questions or concerns? Please email me! We welcome suggestions for additions to the collection as well (especially for our PopSci Collection)!

PS. Dana is still working through their monograph collection if you are interested in acquiring some of those texts. Their workflow is different than ours so please check with them if you have any questions.


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