SLA Info-Expo and Vendor Update

Updates from publishers and vendors! An asterisk denotes that information also came from the PAM Vendor Update.

  • AAAS/Science
    • Apparently, we have moved ahead with purchasing Science Classic, which I hadn’t heard about on our end. We had our trial back in Fall 2012.
    • I asked about the ads and other content (front to end, entire issues) and it seems they are working on that. They have a librarian on staff and will get back to me about this (hopefully).
    • They claim it will have more content than JSTOR, because of the point above.
    • The rep I talked to was Keith Layson (
    • ChemWorx is the new product they are promoting.
    • There are two new journals coming out in 2014: one in photonics and one in environmental science (?)
    • Barbara may be interested in this. I’m not sure what we get or don’t get already, but there’s the ACSESS Digital Library which hosts the complete collection of all content published by ASA, CSSA, and SSSA.
  • AIP*
    • They are working on author disambiguation and looking to be ORCID-compliant in Fall 2013.
    • Very soon, Scitation will move hosting platforms. This would allow them to create author pages (800k authors) and institutional pages (30k+).
    • They are working on FundRef and CHORUS this summer.
  • Alexander Street Press
  • AMS*
    • Memoirs of the AMS backfiles are available for purchase. I already sent an email to Eliz about this.
    • We CAN get everything through AMS, rather than through 3rd party vendors. We need to work out cost savings, etc.
    • They are launching 2 new gold OA journals in 2014: Proceedings, series B and Transactions, series B. Same editorial board, different ISSN, CC-BY-NC, and e-only. The cost is $1500/$2750, respectively and they are offering a limited time discounted cost: $750/$1400. Not sure what this means since it’s supposed to be OA… I’m missing something here — will need to keep an eye on this.
    • Their ebooks are perpetual access, no DRM, unlimited users, and archived in CLOCKSS/Portico.
  • APS
    • Nothing new.
  • ACM
    • Nothing new.
  • Cambridge University Press
    • I have an info packet on their online journal packages if anyone wants it.
    • Nothing.
  • Elsevier/Knovel
    • Elsevier has acquired Mendeley and Knovel (which I knew about when it was announced).
    • The Mendeley rep was not around to talk, but I did get to talk to the Knovel rep. He showed me some cool features of the site.
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library
    • We have this so nothing new to report. It contains many Inspec records and provides access to full text.
  • IET
    • They made an appointment to meet with me about Inspec and I had to break the bad news to them — that we are considering cancelling our subscription. We have a strong case for cancellation (low use, high cost). They’re going to try bring their price down and will be in touch about it.
    • They also mentioned that it used to be that you needed a current subscription to have access to the archives on the WoK platform. We should check on this. They are willing to move our archives access to a different platform if WoK still has that policy.
  • IOP*
    • We have a new IOP rep, Kevin Batt (
    • IOP has partnered with Morgan & Claypool to publish ebooks in several formats (HTML5, PDF, EPUB3) that will have embedded multimedia. No DRM or simultaneous user restrictions. They are planning to launch in the Fall. No word on pricing model yet.
    • They are now ORCID-compliant and are working towards being FundRef-compliant.
  • MIT Press Journals
    • Nothing new.
  • Morgan & Claypool Publishers
    • They are collaborating with IOP to publish new ebooks in physics. See IOP entry for details.
    • Collection #6 is coming. Keep an eye on this.
  • Nature Publishing Group
    • We should be getting their materials directly from the site with no embargoes.
    • Confirmed. See catalog record here.
  • OSA
    • A new open access journal “Photonics Research” has just come out with their first issue. We should make sure this gets into the catalog.
  • Oxford University Press
  • SIAM
    • Nothing new.
  • SPIE Digital Library
    • We have access to this so nothing new.
  • Springer*
  • Springshare
    • LibGuides interface update!! We will no longer be stuck on 3 column formats!
    • Ask Richard for more details. He and Bill are the point people on this.
  • Taylor & Francis Group
    • They’re rolling out a PDA model called “Article Pass”. Upon further investigation, I don’t think this is for us. You’re basically paying for 24 hour access. No perpetual access options.
  • Thomson Reuters
    • The Book Citation and Data Citation index is so (relatively) new that they didn’t even have materials or a rep who could talk about it. So nothing that we didn’t already know.
  • Wiley

SLAbuttonsOn an unrelated note, I was looking forward to getting some nice swag, but couldn’t find the one thing I was looking for: a travel mug. I have a couple of t-shirts, tons of post-it notes, pens, flyers/business cards, a USB drive, a couple of first aid kits, a screen cloth… I refused all the notebooks/notepads, though I still managed to get a moleskin, which I’m passing on to Richard when I get back. Oh, and I got a TON of adorable buttons (see photo to left). I’ve amassed quite a collection already in my office šŸ™‚

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