SLA CS Roundtable

This one was very similar to an unconference-style meeting. We generated ideas/topics at the beginning of the session and then the person who suggested the topic led the discussion. We talked about…

  • (I led the discussion on this one) the cost-prohibitive Lecture Notes in CS. How can you provide access to the material without paying so much?
    University of Miami is doing PDA on the chapter level with this series! This way it looks like you have access to the content. I worry about this option for long-term archiving though. There were suggestions to examine turnaway stats, to dig deeper into the series for subseries, and to check the accreditation standards.
  • mobile sites. Who has them and how can you make them easily?
  • device checkout. What do you have and how do you manage them?
    Chromebooks! Apple management for iPads.
  • ebooks. Do you “weed” them like a physical collection?
    Yes! See also OverDrive — good for bestsellers.
  • ACM. Use device pairing and authenticate off-campus.
  • Bibliometrics. See ASHE (automatic subject heading extraction), LOL (library outside the library), and Medvane (mines PubMed for Harvard Med School publications).
  • UPenn is launching a new OPAC on July 15.
  • Data. DMPTool. New term: “Information Physics” ?
  • Protip: get on the syllabi for classes.

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