SLA Socials

PAM Suite

The sessions were so crammed in that I just abandoned trying to get to everything on the schedule and decided to take some time in between to network and socialize in the PAM Suite (sponsored by IOP). The suite is an amazing part of the conference and I hope it sticks around forever! I only managed to stop by twice over the 3 days, which was too bad.

SLA NE Meet-up

The New England Chapter had a social meet up in the Altitude Sky Lounge on Sunday night and it was a real hit. There were so many people there I didn’t even get to meet everyone. I did finally get to meet Khalilah, Devon, and Paula. That was the first time I saw Karen and Richard at the conference!

The APS Dinner

My involvement with the physics roundtable led to an invitation to a private dinner hosted by APS at Lou and Mickey’s.  The food was fantastic — I had salmon with a lobster tail side. Interesting conversation all around. Thank you, APS, for the invitation!

The PAM Open House

This came after the APS dinner and by that point, I was ready to call it a night, but I thought it would still be a good idea to at least make an appearance. There was finger food and I had dessert there (it was really good! a small piece of chocolate cake, a truffle, a spoon of some kind of berry sauce that was really yummy). I finally got to chat with Stella (current PAM Pres). She spent the whole conference running around and didn’t even have time to eat!


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