SLA Mathematics Roundtable

Notes from the Math roundtable:

  • Project Euclid is gearing up for an website redesign, which will roll out in the next couple of months. This may include access indicators, a mobile site, alerts, citation downloads, Shibboleth capability, MathJax integration, better search functionality and new shortened URLs.
  • is an open access library of math literature and has commenting capability, but the funding for the project has dried up so what’s going to happen next? Something to keep an eye on…
  • We need to get more librarians on board with editing Wikipedia entries!
  • I just learned about this resource: The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  • How do we search on equations? Good question…

I sat with the “outreach” table and we discussed ideas on how to reach faculty and create relevant/timely programming for students. This is not the first time the idea of helping grad students develop “public speaking” skills was brought up. I recently heard it at LOEX. The other take away is to get a “mole” (aka insider) at the department for when you need to know about what’s happening at the department and it’s not coming through official channels.


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