SLA Astronomy Roundtable

The format of this one was a little different. The moderators (Dianne and Lance) organized 2-3 7-min lightning talks around a topic followed by 10 min of questions. The topics were “How to use bibliometrics”, “Adjusting to the diminishing (or loss) of physical space”, and “Key resources”.

Some things I learned along the way…

  • IAU is developing a Best Practices for Institutional Bibliographies and they’re looking for feedback.
  • There is something called the “Carnegie Classification” and now I’ve forgotten the context that this was in…
  • Yale did a study on ebooks and it’s part of the strategic plan now. I think it’s this document?
  • Cornell has implemented the Virtual Shelf Browser. They also got rid of their physical sciences library — books that were the recent 5 years stayed on campus, but everything else was moved off site. They did not get rid of anything. They are exclusively buying ebooks and journal backfiles and print if they really need it. This has created a great opportunity to do outreach and create new programming.
  • 27% of current submissions to arXiv is math/cs. They are continuing with a membership model by asking the top 200 heavy institutional users to contribute to sustaining it. Check out the 2013 roadmap.
  • There are currently 3 versions of ADS — classic, labs, 2.0. Eventually 2.0 will replace classic. You can do personal libraries now.
  • Target grad students for conversations about ORCID. They stand to benefit most as they embark on their academic/professional career.

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