LOEX 2013 Recap

I attended the LOEX annual conference this year. It was held in Nashville –Arjun and I took this opportunity to explore a new city and attended the Rush concert at Bridgestone Arena (last minute happy coincidence)!

But back to more important things… just some highlights and takeaways (my favorite ones are bolded):

  • Friday morning plenary speaker: Barbara Fister
    • She started her presentation with tackling the “big questions” and then made some outrageous claims to shake things up. I thought it was a great thought-provoking presentation.
  • Saturday morning plenary speaker: David A. Owens
    • He talked about the conditions necessary for successful innovation to happen. There are a lot of factors working against you!
  • (Session 1) Harmonizing with Graduate Students: Creating an Information Skills Workshop Series in Collaboration with Georgia Tech’s Graduate Student Government Association
    • Presentation (.pdf)
    • They collaborated with the Graduate Student Government to create a certificate program for grad students around essential communication skills.
    • There are some great ideas in here to work with and I would love to make this happen at Dartmouth.
  • (Session 2) Fostering Discovery: Collaborative Solutions for Teaching with Discovery Tools
  • (Session 3) Fine Tuning the Group Activity Using the 4S Structure
  • (Session 4) I Meta Friend of Yours Today: Using Metacognition Theory to Make Your Library Instruction Session a Hit
    • Handout 1 (.docx) and Handout 2 (.docx)
    • The presenters really dug into Stephen Chew’s work.
    • Takeaway: utilize psychology in your teaching plan.
  • (Session 5) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Using Unlikely Examples to Engage Students in Information Literacy
    • Examples and Resources (Web)
    • This was a fun presentation. She showed us examples of how she used known icons in popular news to demonstrate a concept. Examples included Beyonce vs Bob Fosse to teach plagiarism and the Sad Keenu meme to teach primary vs secondary sources.
    • Keep in mind timeliness, relevancy, and the shock & awe factor.
    • And yes, mind copyright and fair use. When in doubt, ask for permission.
  • (Session 6) Call and Response: The Art of Asking Effective Questions
    • I couldn’t find a link to their handout on the LOEX website.
    • This session wasn’t what I had expected it to be and a lot of other attendees also felt that way afterwards. They weren’t teaching us how to craft a good question to ask our students, but rather were emphasizing how to ask good questions as an audience member.
    • Let’s just say I wasn’t thrilled with this session.
  • (Session 7) Video Saved the Orientation Stars: Our 60 Day Journey from Groupies to Video Production and Social Media Assessment Rock Stars
    • Presentation (Web)
    • This was a really cool presentation. They took the Hunger Games and turned it into a teaching/learning experience for new freshmen.
    • If we can get JMC involved, I think we can do something similar.
  • (Session 8) Harmonious Learning Spaces Can Make Your Instruction Sing! Designing Pedagogy-Focused Classroom and Consultation Areas
    • Presentation (.pptx)
    • We need living walls and natural light. And of course, movable tables and chairs.
    • It was a nice showcasing of how one library renovated their space.
  • Lightning Talks (see list)
    • I liked these 5 minute talks, and they worked really well for topics that just didn’t take a whole session but were still interesting to showcase.

For more information, visit the LOEX 2013 website.


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