Keeping Up — April Professional Reading

I’m (finally) catching up on my professional reading and came across a few interesting articles that I wanted to share. Here are some links with my 2cents…

What’s in a name? Becoming a coach in a university library
What if we librarians rebranded ourselves and used the term “research coach” instead of bibliographer/librarian? Would that attract more consultations? Just a thought…

Copyright Exceptions for Libraries in the Digital Age: U.S. Copyright Office considers reform of Section 108, highlights of the symposium
Looks like something is going on with section 108 and fair use. The Copyright Office is developing “a discussion document and preliminary recommendations on Section 108 reform.”

Information literacy cooperation by design: Review of a guided collaboration between teaching and library faculty
A report in a project that involved collaboration between librarians and faculty to merge information literacy and course objectives. It’s very involved and structured.

Using instructional design principles to develop effective information literacy instruction: The ADDIE model
Outlines the ADDIE instructional design model. It sounds like backward design so what’s the difference??

If you build it …? One campus’ firsthand account of gamification in the academic library
Sounds like an elaborate technology-driven scavenger hunt across the libraries. Relies too much on participants having a smart phone.

From Stacks to the Web: The Transformation of Academic Library Collecting
A long but interesting read about collection development. The author even cites himself in the third person (see ref 66).

And for the quilters out there: The Quilt Index
“The Quilt Index is a free, open access digital repository and online reference resource focusing on quilts and quilting… [It] aims to document quilting and key contextual information and data related to quilts, and to provide a forum, through social media (including a wiki, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed) for sharing information, constructing of new knowledge related to quilting, and the promotion of communities of interest. An iPad/iPhone app is also available for mobile access to collections.”
Read the rest of the review here.


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