Gear Up Baker-Berry!

Ready for round 2? Gear Up is back and this time, it will be in Baker Library Main Hall next Tuesday, January 29 from 12-3pm!

Jan 29 @ 12-3pm in Baker Library Main Hall

Learn about the latest tools, apps, resources, and support available to help you with research information, publishing, data, copyright, funding, and collaboration.

Tasty refreshments  …  Lots of helpful folks … Drop by any time during the event!

For faculty, researchers, and students, “Gear Up!” is an event that will showcase information management tools, apps, resources and research support systems to help you tune up your research.

  • See how RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero can make handling your papers and citations easier.
  • Learn about the Dartmouth Digital Library program and its projects in support of digital scholarship.
  • Talk to an expert about open access publishing, and the importance of authors retaining their copyrights to provide open access to published works.
  • Discuss publishing opportunities and the electronic scholarly monograph with an editor from the University Press of New England.
  • Take a look at apps and readers for mobile devices that can help you in research, teaching, and general productivity.
  • Explore to help you make better use of research and educational software.
  • Learn about Pivot to help you find funding sources, research collaborators and keep your profile updated.
  • Find out about data management and storage using RSTOR, statistical consulting services, and other support from Research Computing and the Library
  • … and more!

Get Help Building Your Toolkit from Computing, the Library, and Office of Sponsored Projects!
Event information at

Feedback from previous Gear Up! events in 2012 …
“Awesome! Very helpful!”                “It was great! Thank you!”         “Thanks for doing this. Very helpful!”

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