Week of Oct 22-28 Update

The last few days have been insanely hectic. A rundown of everything I did this week would be overwhelming to write and read! SO here’s a quick summary instead 🙂

  • I shadowed Laura Braunstein and Greg Potter this week. Picked up some interesting tips and discussed aspects of how reference has changed over the years.
  • The copyrights discussion at DCAL was very interesting. I had no realized that Dartmouth follows the guidelines more conservatively and that you can pretty much argue fair use in many cases. And fight for your rights!!
  • The faculty roundtable was also interesting. It was refreshing to see different disciplines at the table giving insight to each other and realizing the ideas in one field are already implemented in another.
  • The copyright webinar had some useful information, but I found the presentation to be a little slow. The FAQs at the end was the most interesting, but alas the internet connection died.
  • E&O this week was a discussion on teaching practices with regard to Writing 2/3/5. Some of us have never taught library instruction for these courses and The Director of the Institute of Writing and Rhetoric spoke to us about the program and changes. It was interesting to see what other librarians do in their sessions.

Some less work-related projects I picked up as well:

  • I pitched my ideas for a new publishing model in CS to Prof Scot Drysdale over lunch and he was interested in learning more. I’m hoping to also speak with Prof Devin Balkcom about it next week.
  • Fran Oscadal inspired me to explore bibliographies of senior honors theses so I spent half the weekend looking into that. I gathered data from the 2009-2012 theses –16 total and we’re going to analyze what it means and what kind of assistance the ’13s will need to complete their senior honors theses this year.

And lastly, the most nonwork-related:

  • BONFIRE! Bonfire

One thought on “Week of Oct 22-28 Update

  1. Wow! That bonfire is wicked looking! When I first saw that pic I thought you guys were burning a giant straw man or something but, I guess the flames are just that high from the wood below, huh?


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