OA Week begins plus a new Voting Law

OA Week kicked off this morning with our information table by the Pendulum in Fairchild Tower. It’s still there (I think) with handouts and buttons –the candy’s all gone though (lol). Turnout was good (~24 people) and I hope I gave people enough takeaways to understand open access and author rights. I also stopped by the Grad Tea in the afternoon to pass out some of the handouts and had some interesting discussions (and ate a fabulous lemon/coconut cupcake that Erin made!). Thanks, Barbara, for getting all the handouts, posters, and materials out over the weekend to make this possible!

Late afternoon I attended a presentation by UNH School of Law Professor John Greabe: “Your Vote Is Your Voice: How Will the New NH ID Law Affect You? It was a very informative lecture and discussion on the history of NH law and voting. The takeaways:

  • the required ID law will be effective after Sept 2013. For Election 2012, not required!
  • the required ID must be a federally-issued one.
  • “intent” is hard to prove.
  • domicile vs residence: you can have only one domicile but several residencies.
  • is it discrimination against students?
  • can distance/difficulties reaching the voting site be considered a poll tax?
  • there is a concerning mindset that exists in the current legislative (e.g. dismissing case law as precedence).

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