October Conference 2012

Yesterday, I spent the day at the annual October Conference, held at Alumni Hall and organized by the BioMedical Libraries. The theme was innovation and the presentations were incredibly interesting and inspiring. Some takeaways:

  • great innovations succeed because they have a host of cooperating partners involved. An unbroken chain is very important (from inception to delivery).
  • committees do NOT have to be all-inclusive nor based on people’s job descriptions.
  • getting faculty, staff, and students involved with library projects gives the products more value.
  • ukeleles are cool! makes me want to learn how to play…
  • have app loading and sharing sessions (and provide food!)
  • implementing large scale change requires a lot of priming, planning, prepping and partnering (HA, succeeded in coming up with 4 P’s).
  • Harvard Library Innovation Lab is different from Harvard Innovation Lab.
  • there exists a type of paint that can block out (or keep in) EMF to create a “coldspot.”
  • need to look into Stack View and ShelfLife (they’re renaming this soon).

I sat at a table with Morgan Swan, Jill Baron, Laura Braunstein, Laura Barrett, and Mimi Guessferd (St. Anselm College). We had some interesting discussions. At one point, I put my idea of virtual bookshelf browsing to the group and the idea made everyone really excited. Jill had heard something about google doing a GIS mapping of bookshelves. I wonder if this is what she was referring to. Laura (Braunstein) also told us her idea for automatic texting of call numbers to phones.

All in all, an inspiring day it was. I feel more invigorated to try new things and explore new services.

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